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In this post, we will talk about the MCA selector that is used to manage Minecraft worlds. this is very useful for Minecraft server developers to reduce world disk space by removing unused chunks and more.


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What is MCA Selector?

MCA Selector is an open-source software. It is designed to enable players to edit Minecraft’s saved world files. By allowing users to select, filter, and modify chunks, MCA Selector enables players to customize their worlds with many modifications.

Features of MCA Selector

  • Chunk Selection: MCA Selector allows you to select specific chunks within your Minecraft world. This feature enables you to work on specific areas.
  • Chunk Filtering: With the ability to filter chunks you can work with such as biomes, entities, structures, and more.
  • Performance Optimization: If you have a running Minecraft server, chances are you have encountered situations where you pre-generate chunks to reduce server load. However, once those pre-generated chunks become unused, they can take up valuable storage space. This is where MCA Selector comes in handy. With MCA Selector, you can easily identify and remove those unused pre-generated chunks from your Minecraft world. By removing these chunks, you can reclaim storage space.

How to Download MCA Selector

  1. Visit the official MCA Selector repository on GitHub by going to
  2. click on the “Releases” button, and then select “Jar version or exe (exe for Windows)”.
  3. Double-click on the MCA Selector .exe file to launch the application (if you download jar then you need to install Java to run the tool).
Adding a Filter in MCA Selector
selecting chunks in MCA selector tool

Some Videos from YouTube content creators about this tool:





MCA Selector gives Minecraft players the ability to customize and modify their worlds. MCA Selector offers a user-friendly interface with a rich set of features. Not only that If you playing an old version of Minecraft and need to move that old world into the new version of Minecraft with a new world generation then this tool is very useful. Remember before using this MCA Selector make a backup of your world if something goes wrong you can restore the backup. don’t forget to share this post with your Minecraft friends and if you have any questions please leave a comment.

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