Protecting Your Minecraft Resource Packs with PackSquash

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In this post, we will talk about how to protect your Minecraft resource packs and optimize them to do that we use a tool called PackSquash

Table of Contents:

What is PackSquash?


PackSquash is a Java Edition resource pack optimizer for Minecraft. It is a project that aims to achieve the best possible compression, performance, and protection for resource packs.

PackSquash uses advanced compression techniques to reduce the size of resource packs without compromising their quality. and it can also improve the game’s performance and load times. In addition, PackSquash can protect resource packs from unauthorized modifications.

Benefits of Using PackSquash

There are several benefits to using PackSquash for your resource packs:

  • Improved Performance: By optimizing your resource packs with PackSquash, you can improve load times.
  • Smaller File Sizes: PackSquash uses advanced compression techniques to reduce the size of your resource packs.
  • Protection: PackSquash can protect your resource from unauthorized modifications.

Installation Guide

Installing PackSquash is a straightforward process. First, you will need to download the latest release from the official GitHub repository. You can find the download link here: and you can refer to the official installation guide here:

Using Options Files

PackSquash also allows you to use options files to customize the optimization process. These files can be used to set compression levels, exclude specific files, and more. You can find more information about using options files here:


you can use this option file if you want:

pack_directory = 'C:\Users\username\Documents\myfile\packsource'
output_file_path = 'C:\Users\username\Documents\myfile\packlock\'

recompress_compressed_files = true
zip_compression_iterations = 30
zip_spec_conformance_level = 'disregard'
skip_pack_icon = false
validate_pack_metadata_file = true

image_data_compression_iterations = 15


PackSquash is an essential tool for Minecraft resource pack creators and server developers. using this tool compression techniques and protection mechanisms can help to optimize and protect resource packs.

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