Windows Command Prompt: Basic Commands

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In this post, I will provide you with some basic commands to help you get started with Windows command prompt.


Table of Contents:

What is the Windows Command Prompt?

The Windows command prompt is a text-based interface that allows you to interact with your computer using commands. It can be a more efficient way to access files and folders, perform tasks, and troubleshoot issues without using the (GUI) of Windows.

How to Access the Command Prompt

To access the command prompt, press the Windows key + R to open the Run box, then type “cmd” and press enter. Alternatively, you can search for “cmd” in the Windows search bar.

Basic Commands for the Windows Command Prompt

Here are some essential commands to get you started with the Windows command prompt:

  • DIR – Lists the files and folders in the current directory.
  • CD – Changes the current directory, “cd Documents” will take you to the Documents folder.
  • MD – Creates a new directory. “md NewFolder” will create a new folder called “NewFolder.”
  • RD – Removes a directory. “rd OldFolder” will remove a folder called “OldFolder.”
  • MOVE – Moves a file. “move file.txt C:\NewFolder” will move the file.txt file to the NewFolder directory on the C drive.
  • DEL – Delete a file. For example, “del file.txt” will delete the file.txt file.



By learning these basic commands, you can start using the command prompt and there are so many commands I will cover them in another post.

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